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Thank you Dr. Seldes!!

Sung Jung

I'm walking my dog a day after knee replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. Seldes!!

- Sung Jung

Stacey Zarzuela

I had 6 month post-op follow up from right hip replacement. I feel great! Thank you Dr. Seldes and the crew.

Thank you Dr. Seldes and the crew Now I am back to dancing Salsa

Rafaela Gonzalez

Dr Richard Seldes me rescató de mi depresión, ya no podía caminar mi rodilla estaba empeorando y me puse en las mejores manos , con el mejor cirujano obtuve mi reemplazo de rodilla, y mi operación es un ÉXITO ???????? gracias a su equipo y a al Dr , al día de hoy ya camino otra vez , me devolvió la alegría y la confianza a mi persona!!

Es un gran equipo y su oficina en forest hill es muy limpia , el personal muy educado y atento con sus pacientes , no terminaría nunca de decir lo agradecida que estoy por haberme puesto en las mejores manos , Dios lo bendiga Dr Richard!!

Thanks doc Seldes u're heaven sent to ur patients.

Henedine Belir


TKR is not an easy surgery but i was blessed having Dr. Seldes as my surgeon going thru this surgery along with his team and PAs, i was able to get my life back. It was like winning the lotto jackpot! Thanks doc seldes u’re heaven sent to ur patients. Mabuhay!

- Henedine Belir

Claudia Nuñez

El.Doctor.Seldes es un excelente cirujano,.el hizo mi cambio de rodilla en enero del 2023 y los resultados han sido excelentes, no tengo palabras para agradecerle a el a todo su staff de mi evolución, lo recomiendo a un 100% es una persona muy profesional y amable, gracias Doctor Seldes.

Michael O'Neil

Dr.Seldes, Is by far; extremely diligent in his Orthopedic practice and care. Including all his team and staff along my journey to recovery- I couldn't see myself in better hands. His knowledge and dedication to treating my injuries was extremely helpful in his suggestions and procedures. After numerous injuries from a traumatic accident- he's done well for where I was. I couldn't say enough about Dr. Richard Seldes, just hands down- The Best!

Victor Clavie

Dr Seldes fixed my left shoulder 14 years ago and I feel great. I have been boxing throwing left jabs, hooks, and crosses. I can't thank him enough!


Clive Williams

I consulted Dr. Seldes for severe hip pain, he performed a hip replacement and the results have been just incredible. I resumed walking and I feel like running.

Post - OperativeClive Williams Clive Williams


David Seppala-Holtzman

I spent one year in pain and a second in agony. After my shoulder replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Seldes, I am completely pain free. I am very grateful to him.

David David

I am happy to see my great friend for over 30y and an outstanding rehab doc Jeff Pavell looking stronger than ever! Jeff is back in action after I repaired his ruptured distal biceps tendon through an 1.5 inch single incision.

Dr Jeff Pavell Dr Jeff Pavell


I cannot thank my great friend Dr Rich Seldes enough for giving me my procedure arm back. After surgery I was back to work doing procedures in two weeks. I am also working out again and doing my favorite outdoor activity, Repelling! My repaired arm looks and feels better than my good one.

- Dr Jeff Pavell

Laura Salzano

I am happy to write about my Orthopaedic Surgeon, Richard M. Seldes, M.D..

On January 5, 2016, I had a total right knee replacement. I had no idea who Dr. Seldes was only that he belonged to my Health Plan. Here I was a frightened 74 year old senior - not looking forward to this knee surgery - but wanting desperately my pain to go away. The idea of not knowing much about this doctor left me anxious and concerned with many sleepless nights.

Here it is five years later and thanks to this highly professional surgeon and his amazing hospital staff my knee is as good as ever. I had to work the knee during recovery - wait for the stitches to heal and received many compliments on my picture perfect beautiful scar. I am forever thankful to Dr. Seldes - his expertise in his field relieved my pain.

I am in need of a total left knee replacement in time. Once again, the thought of surgery is frightening but lessened due to knowing Dr. Seldes and his medical staff will be right there to guide me before and after surgery.

My family as well as my Right Knee and I are Blessed - Forever Thankful and Grateful to Dr. Seldes for a Job Well Done.

Steven Starr

Dr. Seldes is the best knee and shoulder doctor. My wife and. I were both treated by Drn Seldes.My wife's knee was replaced by Dr. Seldes.pure perfection. He treated my knee and shoulder. I am free of pain and have freedom of movement. He is the best.

Arbend Drishti

I've had a few surgeries in my lifetime and I can assure you that there are so many question marks about every surgery. The main one is, "Am I going to be better after the surgery or did I waste valuable time and endless therapy for nothing. Dr. Seldes is a man of few words but thats fine by me. My shoulder injury was a mess and very painful. I must say that I'm feeling great and am so happy with the results. I'm happy that I didn't go with Workmans Comps 1st choice and did my research. I give Dr. Seldes and his staff 5 out of 5 STARS!!! I highly recommend him. Thank you and good luck!

Cecilia Carlo

I want to thank Dr Seldes for everything he did for me. My knee feels so much better, thanks to him. i also want to thank the staff at the Forest Hills office. Everyone was polite, helpful and professional, especially Alberto - he is wonderful.

Milford White

Dr. Seldes repaired my shoulder more than 10 years ago. After rehabilitation and in less than 6 months my range of motion and strength returned to 100%. I am not in the medical field, so bare with me. The three ligaments/tendons that held my should in place had been severed. I my opinion, Dr. Seldes is highly recommend..

Yudelca perez

Richard Seldes is the best Orthopedist in the world, has great experience and infinite knowledge in his area, it should be noted that he has an excellent staff and professionals.
Dr. Seldes performed a hip replacement, a problem that I had been dragging since I was 8 years old and I can say that I do a wonder in me with his excellent work.

Marlene Tapper

Dr. Seldes is very professional, he takes his time to explain your personal situation and all options available to you. I have recommended him to friends and they were very pleased with their outcome and the support they received from his PA's and staff. A great medical practice with a lot of hands on expertise.

Rita and Wes Ragsdale

My wife and I recently had an accident during a reception after an event that we attended. The room for the reception had marble floors and first my wife fell after tripping on something she could not see on the floor and as I rushed to be with her I tripped over the same thing and fell hard as well. We both ended up in a trauma center. Dr Richard M Seldes, an Orthopedic Surgeon, was highly recommended to us. We made an appointment and they were able to set it up where he saw both of us together.

We were very nervous and his entire staff made us feel so comfortable that our nervousness evaporated and we were at peace. They were all so courteous with smiling faces. The office is well appointed, comfortable, well-kept and extremely clean.

When Dr Seldes came in to see us, we were immediately aware of his compassion for what had happened to us. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised that although he is well know for surgery, he never mentioned it to us in our first meeting and has not since. He is very caring, puts our well being ahead of everything else and it is obvious he wants what is best for our health. Our waiting time to see him in his office is minimal.

Levita Ileto

I'm extremely grateful to you for the successful surgery.

Sukhwant Walia

You have golden hands. Keep the magic and help people like me.

Larry and Luba Fox

Larry has found good results in the restoration of mobility to those areas of his body. God bless you with continued success in the performance of your great talent.

Donna Twiggs

I would like to thank you for restoring my quality of life. My family and I are very grateful to you and your team

Donna Costa

I had a very bad rotator cuff tear that several other top surgeons said was beyond repair. I found Dr. Seldes through an Internet search and he said he could help me. I went from being crippled with pain to being totally pain-free. I felt like a new person.

Linda Hoffman

Dr. Seldes I am so grateful to you for giving me my life back. I was in so much pain from my knee, I was in agony. Because of you I can now look forward to living my life again without the pain I had that was threatening to overcome me. I feel like I have had a miracle happen for me. I am once again so happy

Hip Arthroscopy Testimonials


Elizabeth Moran

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the results of my hip surgery. I had been in chronic pain, which had severely limited my ability to walk normally and exercise. After the initial recovery, I was able to move again without pain and begin exercising. I am now back to exercising 3-4 times per week without pain. I would do the surgery again in a minute and appreciate all the time and care Dr. Seldes and his team took to make the experience a very positive one.

Nicole Doering

As an avid triathlete and half marathoner, "surgery" to me is like a four-letter word. However, in late 2007, the pain in my hip was too severe to ignore anymore. Running even a few miles was excruciating. I was referred to Dr. Seldes from another surgeon who spoke very highly of his work and felt strongly that he would be the right surgeon for my particular type of injury. I had a right hip impingement with a torn labrum and needed surgery to correct the issue if I wanted to keep playing sports and prevent arthritis

From the moment that I had my first consultation with Dr. Seldes, I knew that I was in good hands. I had never had surgery before, so suffice to say I was terrified! He talked me through everything, assuaged my fears and provided a little levity to an otherwise unnerving situation. His staff was very willing to answer any of my questions (of which I had many!) and never once was I made to feel like I was being overly neurotic or was irritating them. I must say that I was truly impressed with the all over level of professionalism and courtesy that I was treated with by both Dr. Seldes and all of those who work with him.

Three months after my surgery and I was already about half way back to my previous level of conditioning. Five months and I was running and cycling like nothing had ever happened! The pain in my hip is gone and I for the first time in a long time, I can now go about my daily business and training without thinking about the nagging pain in my joint. I know that my surgery was a success; I feel it everyday in everything that I do. I also know that a very large part of the reason for that success was the fact that I had a very, very good surgeon.

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I had shoulder injuries as a result of a car accident and ended up needing surgery. Dr. Seldes and their team were attentive and made sure I was informed of all the things involved. They were diligent with follow up and making sure I arranged for the proper therapy. I would highly recommend Dr. Seldes

- Miguel Torres -


I went to Dr. Seldes who came highly recommended from a friend who went to him for shoulder surgery. I was having terrible shoulder pain from working out. Dr. Seldes was so kind and didn't rush to say I needed surgery. He recommended to try physical therapy first because it was a slight tear. He also took a lot of time to explain what exercises I can do at the gym and what I should stay away from. I didn't feel rushed at all and he was very caring. I have found relief for now but I know if I need surgery I would be in excellent hands as I have seen how well my friend has recovered from her surgery. The office staff was also very nice and personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Seldes.

- Diane Newman -


Dr. Seldes performed arthroscopic surgery on my hip. I hurt it in a car accident and I couldn't sit or stand, let alone run or go to the gym. I saw 3 doctors before I saw Dr Seldes and each one of them said there was nothing that could be done. Dr. Seldes diagnosed me with a torn hip labrum and impingement and performed the surgery. There was minimal pain after the surgery and now I have absolutely no pain in my hip. He REALLY gave me my life back. I can't thank him and his staff enough. They are superb. I have recommended Dr. Seldes to several of my friends and coworkers

- Chistopher Jones -


I was having shoulder pain for years and from an old car accident and it got to the point where I couldn’t move my shoulder or sleep at night. I saw Dr. Seldes and he was nice and confidently explained my problem and gave me my options. I liked the fact that he didn’t push surgery right away. We started with therapy and an injection which help me for about 6 months then the pain came back. I then had surgery by Dr. Seldes and the pain went away completely. Now I am able to use my arm and even go back to playing volleyball which I love to do. His staff was very helpful to me before and afer my surgery. There is a bit of a wait at his office but Dr. Seldes is worth the wait!

- Rafael Castro -


Dr Seldes is amazing. He performed shoulder surgery on me. He was thorough in explanation, always timely and I’ve had great interactions with him. One of the best!

- Louis LaFata -


i saw Dr. Seldes for my shoulder and knee. I injured both while playing basketball. I was unable to play or even do everyday activities because of my shoulder and knee. It hurt everyday. After I saw Dr Seldes I knew he was the doctor for me. He diagnosed the problems quickly (which other doctors weren't sure what the problem was). He recommended therapy and a shot which helped for a short period of time, then the pain came back. He then recommended surgery for my knee and shoulder. He explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable. He was caring and answered all of my questions. His staff was very friendly and helped me every step of the way. And most importantly my pain went away. I don't have any problems with my everyday life and I am playing basketball again. Than you to Dr seldes! He is he best. I have already recommended him to my 2 of my friend and they are happy too.

- Jose Mendoza -


I am recouping from arthroscopic surgery of my right knee with MINIMAL DISCOMFORT and SWELLING. Dr. Richard Seldes and supporting staff are professionals and more importantly, amazing!!!!!!

In 2002, I had arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus in my left knee. The pain and suffering I sustained afterwards was horrifying at best. The surgeon, who I will not name, that performed the surgery should become an apprentice of Dr. Seldes.

For anyone who is in dire need of arthroscopic SURGERY AND HAVE SECOND THOUGHTS please consider Dr. Seldes as a first choice you will not regret it.

- Frankie Gonzalez -


I had my surgery the 27 of February. I was pleased with it Very minimal scar. Was in rehab the next week. Rehabilitation was and is sill an on going task. But I'm looking forward to getting back to work july 30th. Yes I pleased with Dr. Seldes work, as well as Stars Rehabilitation Center.

- Carolyne Malloy-johnson -


The office is clean, staff is friendly. Doctor Seldes is knowledgeable, supportive, and easy to talk to. I am able to walk again because he did my total hip replacement. I highly recommend him for surgery and orthopedic advice.

- - Monique Bailey -


I recommend the work of Dr. Richard Seldes. He did perfect work on my left shoulder. He did the surgery called Arthroscopic Surgery. So far I am recovering. I have not felt serious pain. Everything has been very minimal. On the other hand I wanted to comment something about a person who has left a bad review for Dr. Seldes and his team.
I see how another person leaves a bad comment because he has had to wait a long time at the time of his appointment. That is something that I consider normal, it is not a visit to the mechanic to repair your car you are doing. It is dealing with your health and you have to take your time to avoid making mistakes. I think that Doctor Seldes does an exceptional job and his team work equally. They are all very nice and nice people.

- Kelvin Reynoso -

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Dr. Seldes consistently achieves perfection. The knee surgery that he performed was flawless. He is the best with other facets of care too. His staff are warm and friendly, especially Jasmine. I recommend calling him if you want orthopedic care that's perfect in every way.

- Hao W -


Dr. Richard M. Seldes really saved my life. I was suffering from knee pain for so long, I couldn't bear it anymore. After the surgery, I felt like I am 20 years old again. Fantastic! Thanks to him I can finally enjoy both my daily routine and outdoor activities with my family and loved ones!

- Dylan L -


Dr. Seldes did my shoulder and hip. And yes my hip was done in NJ. The facility is beautiful and the staff was wonderful. Comparing to the hospital in NY is a huge difference and I was comfortable. It was my very first time seeing NJ hospital and Thank god I have good health insurance. I deserve the best. My brother got hurt in his job and worker's comp. cover him and also saw Dr. Seldes and had his surgery in NJ. But before I saw Dr. Seldes, I went to other Orthopedic, in fact I went to two Orthopedic and what they told me they couldn't do the procedure Dr. Seldes can. His staff is wonderful and the wait is not too long. For the record: Dr. Seldes only Specialist only in Knee, Hip and Shoulder. As for his staff, there are very helpful, beautiful and polite. I still see him for over 5 years and I will continue to see Dr. Seldes.

- Anonymous S -


Great doctor took good care of me with my knee. Was not overly aggressive and does not push surgery or meds. Most of all he is a kind and caring doctor.

- Donna M -


I must disagree with the first negative review of Dr. Seldes and his staff. Totally untrue! I found Dr. Seldes to be very professional. He gave me his honest opinion and did not pussyfoot around. His staff is stellar, very kind and polite. Yes, my outpatient surgery was in New Jersey, a brand new surgical center. He even sent a limo. car for me to travel back and forth, and I was there in less than 1/2 of an hour! Surgical centers are better for outpatient surgery, they process quicker, and are more efficient than a hospital. Dr. Seldes came out to meet with me before my surgery asking pertinent questions, as did two of his staff, his anesthesiologist and physician assistant, reinforcing the questions Dr. Seldes asked. When you go to an orthopedic doctor, you should go to one who specializes in all aspects of orthopedics. Dr. Seldes specializes in knee, hip, and shoulder surgery. I even received a phone call from his staff the next day asking how I felt and how I rate my experience. God Bless you Dr. Seldes and your staff, keep up the good work!!

- Rochelle F -

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Dr Seldes cured me

I had a labrum tear of my hip and I couldn’t work. Dr Seldes performed a hip scope on me and my hip is back to normal. He is a great surgeon

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I thought it was very professional.


Dr Seldes is very professional. His staff is very nice and helpful.


Dr Seldes is the most professional and excellent Doctor I know. I would recommend anyone with an orthopedic problem to him.

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I went to Dr. Seldes for pain in my shoulder. I was very worried that I would need surgery but he said it was a slight labrum tear and that with physical therapy I would most likely not need surgery. He was very nice and answered all my questions. I didn't feel rushed. I like the fact that he didn't want to rush to operate and wanted me to try other alternatives first. He recommended a great physical therapy place and I am feeling a lot better. Excellent doctor!

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Highly recommend Dr Richard Seldes MD excellent surgeon and staff, he has helped me tremendously and continues to do so. 😀

- Dan Peters -

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